Electro-Guard, Inc. will be closed Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th.

We will resume normal business on Wednesday July 5th.


We would like to remind all boaters to have a safe holiday: Wear life-jackets, observe all marine rules such as posted speed and wake signs, be cautious of swimmers in the water, do not operate a vessel while under the influence of any substance, and always be aware of your surroundings.



To prevent Electric Shock Drowning DO NOT swim or let children

swim near docks or other structures with electricity!



We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday on the water!


Please see the following links for important safety announcements:


Electric Shock Drowning Prevention


U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety


CA Dept. of Parks and Recreation: Boat Safe this 4th of July




Electro-Guard manufactures custom reliable cathodic protection systems for you boat yacht or small ship. Prevent marine corrosion, incorrectally referred to as marine electrolysis.

We design and manufacture cathodic protection systems for your boat, yacht or small ship. Our systems prevent corrosion - frequently referred to incorrectly as electrolysis - to the underwater metal structures on boats operating in all types of natural waters. Our line of products includes both impressed current cathodic protection systems and controlled/monitored sacrificial anode cathodic systems. The impressed current systems provide protection without the worry and expense of replacing sacrificial zinc anodes - they come with a permanent anode and are automatically controlled.



Electro-Guard products are available to protect boats of any type of hull construction (aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood.) and protect thru hull fittings, outboards, propeller shafts, propellers and all common underwater metal structures. Our monitoring instruments provide visual indication of system performance and warning of stray electrical current problems that can result from electrical faults.


All vessels are subject to corrosion. We can prevent that corrosion from happening and can halt problems which have already begun.