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AN-5 ICCP Anode (For 700 Series ICCP Systems)

SB-6B - Propeller Shaft Wiper Brush Assembly (Standard Duty)The AN-5 ICCP surface mount anode is the standard anode used with Electro-Guard 700 Series ICCP systems. The anode is 18”L x 5”W and comes with 10’ of low smoke and halogen free cable attached (all new installations will require ordering a 700 Series Anode Cable Extension – replacement installations can use the existing anode cable extension).  Replacement of AN-5 anodes on some older (legacy) 700 Series systems may require new anode extension cables. 

The AN-5 ICCP anode can be used with vessels of any hull material and should be installed using a one part polysulfide rubber sealant such as BoatLife Life Calk.

Intergard 822 Epoxy Mastic is required for proper installation of ICCP anodes on metal hulled vessels.

AN-5 ICCP Anode Adapter Plates are available for replacement of older (legacy) style 700 Series ICCP anodes.