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Vessel Data Acquisition Form (VDAF)

The Vessel Data Acquisition Form (VDAF) is used to identify which Electro-Guard ICCP system is best suited for your vessel. The details on this form allow us to determine the extent of cathodic protection your vessel may need and from there we can identify which model system is appropriate for your vessel. We encourage everyone considering an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system to submit a completed VDAF to us for review. We will then provide you with a detailed quote of the recommended system for your vessel.

The VDAF is in Portable Document Format(PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat to view. Get Adobe Acrobat here.

Please complete this form by

  1. Save the form to your computer
  2. Complete the form, providing as much detail as possible
  3. Save the form and e-mail it to