After 3 years, 3000 hr, and over 20,000 nmiles on my boat "Online", I would like you to know how happy I am with your electro guard cathodic protection system / 700 series.

We have been relieved of having to find zincs in remote ports, finding divers to change zincs, carrying extra zincs and the constant worry of "When do I change zincs".

All we ever do now is look at the meter to check if it is in the safe zone, which it always is!!

The only problem we ever encountered is from divers from cleaning the bottom, telling us "We have no zincs, they fell off!!"

Currently I am building an 80 ft. Long Range Sport Fishing Boat and one of the first items that was specified was the Electro-Guard 700 Series system. I would not have a boat without it!!

Please feel free to have anyone contact me should you require excellent references regarding your product.

Yours truly

Bill Tomlinson
M.V. Online