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Marine corrosion control solutions by Electro-Guard.

The First Choice in Cathodic Protection

For over thirty years, the Electro-Guard product line has provided a reliable and cost-efficient method of cathodic corrosion prevention. A constant protection level is maintained by an electronically controlled system. Accurate, easy-to-use monitors measure cathodic protection performance and indicate influences by stray electrical current should an electrical fault occur.

Electro-Guard's models are specific to boat size and hull construction--including fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel boats to more than 300 feet long. Installation at the time of construction or purchase, or as an add-on is as easy as a phone call.

Electro-Guard is committed to providing the best cathodic protection systems to the recreational boating and yachting industries. From research and development to product design to responsive customer service, Electro-Guard, Inc. is the reliable source for cathodic protection. We grew up in the recreational boating industry and we are proud of our responsiveness to the boat owner's needs. Our extensive experience and technical knowledge ensures that each Electro-Guard product protects boats from all types of electrochemical corrosion.

Electro-Guard's unique Cathodic Protection Systems are the yacht owner's answer to successfully preventing expensive damage to underwater metals. Our innovative products are easier to use, more cost-efficient, and less polluting than traditional systems. Electro-Guard's systems work full-time protecting your boat.

A modern corrosion prevention system saves time, money, and provides a constant level of protection throughout the life of your boat. Investment in an Electro-Guard Cathodic Protection System is the logical choice.

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