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  • Electro-Guard products protect numerous boats and ships from electrochemical corrosion.
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What Our Clients Have To Say

The 130' fiberglass Yachtfisher MEA CULPA
The 130' fiberglass Yachtfisher MEA CULPA, built by McMullen & Wing in 2003, has successfully used the Electro-Guard System on board for 11 years. We recently completed a major engine room rebuild and serviced the 715B system and components. The voltage controller was upgraded as were the newly designed slip-ring assemblies. The system was calibrated in the factory and reinstalled using factory input. An excellent corrosion system. All the analog gauges are easily read and provide necessary input to the system function.
- Mike Hein, Mea Culpa
I am ecstatic that my research identified Electro-Guard as a quality manufacturer 3 years ago. Since installing my Electro-Guard system, the zinc usage has been minimal, corrosion problems nil and the system has provided total confidence security to me with its simple display. My boat, with its massive stainless duo-prop system and aluminum sterndrive, has benefited from your system. The expert technical support that you and the Electro-Guard folks have provided is an added plus!
- S. Gordon, San Francisco, CA
I am thrilled with the Electro-Guard corrosion system installed on my Glacier Bay. You will recall that my motor mounts were literally eaten away within the first year I owned the boat. I believe you installed the system a little over 2 years ago. Since then, I have had no corrosion issues and in fact, I only change the motor mount zincs now if the boat is out of the water because it is convenient; they have actually not needed changing since your installation.
- J. Hansen, Sausalito, CA
The pilot model of your corrosion inhibitor that I installed four years ago has been a big winner! No more corroded zincs rattling about or falling off and definitely no more sick-looking propeller struts or thru-hulls! The propeller and all submerged metals look as-new. In our installation there is an almost non-existent drain on the battery, the sacrificial zinc, across the boat from the sender, lasts between two and three years, and it is a breeze to replace. I could not be more pleased with the system, so very effective and trouble free.
- W. Tompkins, Flashgirl, New Zealand
After 3 years, 3000 hours and over 20,000 nautical miles on my boat “Online”, I would like you to know how happy I am with your Electro-Guard cathodic protection system/700 series. We have been relieved of having to find zincs in remote ports, finding divers to change zincs, carrying extra zincs and the constant worry of “When do I change zincs”. All we ever do now is look at the meter to check if it is in the safe zone, which it always is! The only problem we ever encountered is from divers cleaning the bottom telling us “We have no zincs, they fell off!” Currently I am building an 80 ft. Long Range Sport Fishing Boat and one of the first items that was specified was the Electro-Guard 700 Series system. I would not have a boat without it!!!
- B. Tomlinson, Online