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Model 126 - Cathodic Protection Monitoring Station

Monitors cathodic protection in all natural waters.

  • Model 126A: For Aluminum Hulls, Aluminum Structures & Components
  • Model 126S: For Steel Hulls, Steel or Iron Structures
  • Model 126B: For Fiberglass or Wood Hulls w/Bronze & Stainless Steel Components & Fittings

Allows potential corrosion problems to be spotted at a glance.

Model 126 Cathodic Protection Monitoring StationThese cathodic protection monitoring stations provide easy to read indications of individual protection levels for up to three hull regions.

  • Easy to read analog panel meter display
  • Rugged, stable reference electrode
  • Easy to install
  • Accurate readings in all natural waters - seawater, brackish & fresh
  • Meter reads continuously - no push to read buttons
  • The monitor is equipped with a switch in the panel that allows for independent readings for different regions of the hull

126 Installation Kit Includes:

Monitoring Station: An aluminum panel w/color coded display that indicates the level of protection being provided by the cathodic protection system (either sacrificial anodes or impressed current) - the panel is 5 ¼" long by 3 ¾" high by 2 ¼" deep.

126(A,S or B)-1: Two reference cells: Zn - 2 ¾"L x 1 ¾"W, ½" thru-hull penetration

126(A,S or B)-2: Three reference cells: Zn - 2 ¾"L x 1 ¾"W, ½" thru-hull penetration

Accessories and Spare Items: