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Slip Rings - Propellor Shaft Slip Ring

Electro-Guard propeller shaft slip ring assemblies have been designed to provide a very low resistance electrical contact to the boat's propellers and shafts. These devices are made necessary by the fact that electrical continuity through a marine transmission to the propeller shaft is typically quite Propellor Shaft Slip Ringpoor.

The slip ring bands are made of Sterling Silver and the brushes are composed of an 85 percent silver alloy. The brushes are spring loaded to maintain the proper contact against the slip rings.

Each Electro-Guard slip ring assembly is built to fit the specific shaft diameter of the vessel on which it will be installed. It is necessary, therefore, that an accurate diameter dimension of the propeller shaft(s) be provided to us when placing an order - the shaft should be measured with a micrometer caliper

We also require the length of the exposed wetted surface of each propeller shaft and a geometrical representation of each propeller with dimensions so that we can calculate the total wetted surface of each propeller and shaft assembly. If a DAR number is known for a particular propeller, that number and the propeller diameter is sufficient for us to calculate its surface Slip Ring Installationarea.

We will provide a form upon request that will assist you in providing this information. Simply request our Vessel Data Acquisition Form (VDAF) and provide us with your email (or fax phone number). We will send the form to you.

After you have filled in the appropriate information and returned it, we will send our recommendations with a price quotation for the slip ring assemblies. There is no charge for this service.

Electro-Guard propeller shaft slip rings provide superior electrical contact to a boat's propellers and shafts, and have proven themselves in hundreds of installations over the past sixteen years.

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