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700 Series Impressed Current Cathodic Protection with Monitoring

The 700 Series Corrosion Control Systems Stop Corrosion Automatically

Maintains constant protection for vessels 50 ft LOA to 300+ ft LOA

700 Series Impressed Current Cathodic Protection with Monitoring.

The Monitoring Station - provides a continuous visual display of system performance while also warning of stray corrosion currents from electrical system faults.

The Controller - automatically maintains a predetermined protection level on the boat's underwater metals, preventing galvanic corrosion while avoiding the potential side effects of over protection.


  • Permanent anode - no sacrificial anodes (zincs) to replace
  • Reference electrode is very stable and rugged
  • Monitor displays continuously - no push-to-read buttons
  • Color-coded display is easy to read and interpret at a glance
  • Switch allows individual monitoring of port or starboard propeller and propeller shaft protection levels
  • Protection level monitoring is accuarate and independent of controller circuit
  • Built in diagnostics - controller LED indicators display controller logic
  • Models for all types of marine metals - bronze, lead, copper-nickels, monel, stainless steel, iron, steel and aluminum
  • Systems for all types of hull construction

700 Series Installation Kit Includes:

  • Monitoring station - Displays cathodic protection level and anode current
  • Controller - Automatic sensing and control of cathodic protection current
  • Anodes - Conductive ceramic coated titanium
  • Reference Cell - Type: external thru-hull mounted. Electrode: USN mil. spec. A18001K zinc alloy

Accessories and Spare Items: