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Model 630FM

  • 630A-FM Series: For Aluminum Hulls, Aluminum Structures and Components
  • 630S-FM Series: For Steel Hulls, Steel or Iron Structures
  • 630B-FM Series: For Fiberglass and Wood Hulls with Bronze and Stainless Steel Components and Fittings
Model 620 impressed current cathodic protection system.

This impressed current cathodic protection system provides totally automatic protection and STOPS CORROSION IN ITS TRACKS!

Model 620A

  • No more zinc anodes to replace
  • Permanent flush mount anode - never needs replacing
  • Totally automatic - no adjusting
  • Easy to read LED protection level display

630FM Installation Kit Includes:

Monitor: Two-color LED display is 1 1/2" square - fits 1.1" diameter cutout in instrument panel - comes with 5' multi-conductor signal cable with connector that plugs into controller

Controller: Remotely mounted near the instrument panel - 5.2"L x 2.8"W x 2.2"H

Flush Mount Anode: Can be installed on transom or under the hull - comes with 20' of 14 AWG wire attached - anode dimensions are 4.0"Diameter x 6.0"Thickness

Flush Mount Reference Cell: Can be installed on transom or under hull - 2.8"Diameter x 0.3"Thickness

Accessories and Spare Items: