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AN-.850FM ICCP Anode

SB-6B - Propeller Shaft Wiper Brush Assembly (Standard Duty)The AN-850FM Flush Mount Anode is the standard anode used with Electro-Guard Model 630FM ICCP systems. The anode has a 4.0” diameter and is designed to be flush mounted into a recess fabricated into the hull. The anode comes with 20' of AWG 14 wire attached. Additional anode cable can be added in the field by any qualified marine technician.

The AN-850FM ICCP anode can be used with vessels of any hull material and should be installed using a one part polysulfide rubber sealant such as BoatLife Life Calk.

Intergard 822 Epoxy Mastic is required for proper installation of ICCP anodes on metal hulled vessels.

**Caution: We highly recommend that you consult with your vessel manufacturer, designer, or a qualified naval architect to determine the proper procedure for building a pocket in the hull to accommodate the An-850FM Flush Mount ICCP Anode assembly.